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Empowers Women-Driven Brands

and Small Businesses 

Through quality branding and website design

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Shanita Newton, Creative Director

Shanita Newton


Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, Shanita Newton is a creative, philanthropist and visionary. She serves as the owner and Creative Director of Newton Creative Consulting. This firm, specializing in graphic and website design, strives to empower entrepreneurs along their respective journeys. Additionally, she manages and consults several creatives to include Trey McLaughlin and the Sounds of Zamar.


Through her podcast “Queenly Conversations,” Shanita works to share empowering stories of women’s journeys and the overcoming obstacles - encouraging them to lean into their greatness.


Shanita holds a Masters of Science in Business Entertainment from Full Sail University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science with an emphasis in non-profit organizations from Columbus State University

How We Help Clients 

Graphic Design


Do you have an amazing event on the horizon? Let NCC create an eye-catching, stand-out design.


Website Design

We're here for small businesses, brands, and organizations that want to make an authentic and professional online presence.


Business Coaching & Consultations

Need coaching and advice along your entrepreneurial journey? We can help. 


We're so grateful to be part of our clients' entrepreneurial journeys.


Dr. AV Cranford

To Inspire One

"Newton Creative Consulting has been one of the most professional and innovative services I've received. This company and its team have not once but twice designed a clean, legible, and an easy to navigate website for my company, To Inspire One. They are reliable, progressive, and work in excellence.


I strongly recommend Newton Creative Consulting to any individual, business, or organization looking to give a proper facelift to their brand!"

Robin Ware

The Ware Agency

"As the Ware Agency continues to grow, I knew I needed a graphic design firm that was flexible, ministry-minded and had vision. Shanita and the team at NCC are innovative, dedicated, and professional. They design and deliver with excellence. The relationship I’ve built with Shanita extends beyond creativity and work- she’s truly a jewel and I’m excited to have her on my team!"

Teka D. Jenkins


"Shanita is the business chameleon, she has the ability to adapt, adjust, and become whatever is needed to get the job done. If not for her insight and wisdom, my business would still just be an idea. With Shanita's passion for operating in the creative, she is guaranteed to catapult your business to the level of your choosing." 

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