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His Dark Materials 1x3

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His Dark Materials 1x3

Label your gear with name tapes to make it easily identifiable. Great for shared or public access kits, or modules that are parts of larger kits. These 1" x 3" tapes fit great on the ends of the Rescue Essentials Med Modules. All options are black with glow-in-the-dark lettering.

The episode is set in a future where a "grain" technology records people's audiovisual senses, allowing a person to re-watch their memories. The lawyer Liam (Toby Kebbell) attends a dinner party with his wife Ffion (Jodie Whittaker), becoming suspicious after seeing her zealously interact with a friend of hers, Jonas (Tom Cullen). This leads him to scrutinise his memories and Ffion's claims about the nature of her relationship with Jonas. The episode was designed to be set in 2050, with stone, wood and metal materials featuring heavily in the sets. The concept of an episode about relationships and the importance of letting things go was pitched by Armstrong.

The memory technology is known as a grain as it is the size of a grain of rice. The characters control it with a small circular remote that the crew called a "pebble". Production designer Joel Collins designed the grain app to resemble tree rings. To distance the episode from science fiction, Collins used materials like stone, wood and metal. The episode is set in 2050 and has a "mid-century" feel based on 1950. It uses point-of-view shots to show the characters' memories.[2]

Though Armstrong was known as a comedy writer, the episode contains little humour.[7][8][9] In comparison to the previous episodes, "The National Anthem" and "Fifteen Million Merits", David Lewis of Cultbox found it darker in tone, David Sims of The A.V. Club found it made for more uncomfortable viewing and Sam Richards of The Telegraph found it to contain less satire.[7][10][11] Al Horner of GQ called it the "most emotionally harrowing" episode, Brendan Doyle of writing that although the episode is "exceptionally dark", it ends with "a small ray of hope".[12][13] Sims summarised the episode as a "spare, intimate affair centered around three characters and an accusation of infidelity".[10] It takes place in the near future,[9][11] the primary setting being "stark, modernist interiors of several isolated country homes" according to Emily Yoshida of Grantland.[14] Ryan Lambie of Den of Geek commented that the characters are all rich, young and attractive.[8] Comparisons were made to other media. Sims linked its themes to the 1869 novel He Knew He Was Right, about a marriage failing from the jealousy of the husband and stubbornness of the wife.[10] Richard Edwards of GamesRadar+ compared its subject matter to the 1974 thriller The Conversation, about a moral dilemma faced by a man involved in surveillance, further commenting that the director's use of still cameras and lengthy takes resemble 1970s thrillers.[9]

The characterisation received mixed reception. Lewis lauded Kebbell and Whittaker's performances, praising Kebbell as "excellent in his portrayal of a man coming abruptly apart at the psychological seams".[7] Sims praised that he felt a "dark shiver of recognition" at Liam's actions. However, he believed that Liam's paranoia, alcohol intake and violence escalates too fast.[10] Edwards criticised that he found almost every character very unlikable.[9]

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British designer, Louise Tro


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