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PATCHED [Driver] Siemens Gigaset SE261 DSL Router USB Driver

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I had the same problem. It worked the first time because the browser extension was working. I restarted and the browser extension stopped working and the printer icon no longer appeared in chrome. I was unable to print. I removed the original browser extension and tried the wifi printing driver. It worked. Replaced the browser extension with the latest from chrome store. Using same wifi printer driver. When I use the printer, the icon appears in chrome and it's working. I reset my device and the icon no longer appears. The printer no longer appears in chrome setup. Start over Not a good deal. I had to get a wi fi printer from the other stores. I am using a HP printer. Not sure if other vendors have this problem. I assume other vendors have this problem also and solved it. I was not able to print because the chrome extension stopped working. This worked but not a good idea for a long term fix.

I have a printer/scanner/fax combo, works great with SANE on Linux. I asked them to figure out why it is not working on a Chromebook, so I can get it working on a Chromebook and this is what the answer I received was. In the answer the first part of this line says it isn't a linux-specific problem, that it may be a CUPS problem: "There is no way to connect the device to CUPS on a Chromebook". it's the same for just about every Linux Distro I have ever used. I asked for the driver, but they did not know what I was asking for. You have to go off-line with the printer for linux to be able to connect to it. I tried sudo brlapi...' for the scanner and I get a message from the utility that says: "brlapi service not running". I am at a loss as to where to go from here. This is a dirty trick, i know. I think the solution is to get the drivers for Linux for the USB print driver for this printer. it is a Brother laserjet. I am not sure if it can be done. 3d9ccd7d82


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