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Where Can I Buy Straight Talk Phone Cards


Where Can I Buy Straight Talk Phone Cards

Absolutely! Visit and choose to send an email, download a flyer, or distribute via social media. All of these pieces of communication will have your referral code on it for your friends or family to use.

Dollar General does not sell Straight Talk phone cards in 2023. Straight Talk phone cards are sold exclusively at Walmart stores, online at, and However, Dollar General does sell prepaid phones, prepaid phone cards, and SIM cards. Dollar General sells phones and cards in their stores but not online.

You can buy a wide range of prepaid phones and SIM cards at Dollar General. These are available at Dollar General stores but not online, including cards from wireless service providers like TracFone, Total Wireless, AT&T, and Simple Mobile.

Both Straight Talk Wireless and Tracfone offer affordable, no-contract phone plans. If savings are your top priority, Tracfone has a range of plans between $20-30 that include talk, text, and 1-3 GB of data.

If you have an unlocked phone, however, you can choose whichever carrier works best where you are. So if Verizon has the best performance in your area, you can get a Straight Talk SIM card for Verizon. For the best performance and coverage, choose the carrier that has the best reception in your area.

I have been using their service for the past two months on a 3gs phone. Locked or offically unlocked did not matter. The phone is NOT jailbroke either. The only three issues with ST that I am aware of are: no MMS on messages, no hotspot/tethering, and no visual voicemail. You do get notified of voicemail with badges and in the notification windows. The only set up required is to take safari and point to to build a network configuraion file to enable data. (Voice and text work without the config file.) This site uploads a configruation file that is the same as one built by the Apple Configuration Program. The site is FREE and provides help. It does not "Unlock" your phone like AT&Tcarrier unlock or other jailbrake programs. $45 a month for unlimited talk, text, and web. I do not use international calling, but would consider skype or google voice for that. I have averaged 2.6gb of data a month with no cap on speed either.

The trouble I am having is low signal and the service staight talk works with is AT&T my phone was an new phone with the att sim card still in it but never activated. So it will work if it is locked to at&t from what i was told, from straight talk they just can not help you if you use a phone they do not sell and you need to buy the mini sim for i phone i ordered mine on line.

Does anyone know if AT&T will work on a Straight talk sold iPhone 5S Straight talk is a MVNO of AT&T and I can put a AT&T sim in it without the phone rejecting it but any other SIMS and it will say it isn't supported under the activation policy. I don't use AT&T so I don't have an active AT&T sim to test cellular. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried it and it worked

I bought a new Samsung Galaxy A10E from someone but they lost the aim that came with the phone. Its never been activated thru any carrier an I would like to use at&T, I bought the straight talk keep your own phone kit an I don't know what or how to activate it to at &T can someone tell me what I need to do

I can help but I need to know what carrier it came from. Is it a straight talk or another carrier. If you don't know look in your apps menu and you should see some apps that come preloaded such as a Straight talk account app or a at&t app. Should be something there to tell you what carrier it came from.

If you buy the iPhone 5S from Walmart it will be locked to Straight Talk. There is a reason that they were offering those phones at a discounted price, at least at that time. You get them cheaper because you can only use them on Straight Talk. This phone would have to be unlocked before it could be used on another network. No matter what the person commenting before stated, not all phones can be unlocked. Look at it this way. You can go from AT&T or Verizon to Straight Talk. But if you have a straight talk phone you can't go the other direction.

You cannot use a Straight Talk locked phone on AT&T. However, you can use the Straight Talk SIM card (the one that says for AT&T) in an AT&T locked phone. There are 3 different type of Straight Talk SIM cards. One for T-Mobile phones, One for AT&T phones, and one for Verizon phones. Make sure you are using the correct one.

It will not work as it is locked to straght talk . But if the phone has been in service on straight talk for one full year you can call them to unlock it for you then it will work. You must meet the one year in service requirement for Straight talk to unlock any of their phones this includes NET10 Wireless, Total Wireless, Safelink Wireless, Straight Talk, Telcel América, SIMPLE Mobile, Page Plus Cellular, GoSmart Mobile, and Walmart Family Mobile.

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