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Honey Cave 2 Jar


Honey Cave 2 Jar

The honey block is used to automatically heal one monster when used on it by the player. If more than one monster is healed, more than one block is used. Tapping the bee on the block will heal the corresponding monster.

Honey bees are very common in all seasons of the year. Many of them can be found in such places as your house or somewhere outside. If you're in open country, and you see a group of honey bees, and your avatar is often close enough, just talk to them about the weather. Depending on what country your avatar lives in, you can speak to them in either English or Japanese.

While honey has proven to be incredibly resilient, the process of making it is also relatively delicate. In order for the nectar to become honey, the bees play a big part, flapping their wings to make it much drier by sucking up all that moisture. It also relies on the beneficial atmosphere in the hive. This is usually around the 80/20 rule, where 80 percent of the hive is made up of the darker, more docile bees and 20 percent of the hive is made up of the lighter, more aggressive bees. Making honey, though, means removing the latter and only using the former.

While honey is very nutritious, in its unrefined form, its not a super food. Thats where the added sugars come in. Starting out, honey is at its most basic at around 20 percent. Naturally, none of the leftover sugars need to be removed as it is created. But starting at around 20 percent, if the bees dont extract enough nectar from the primary source of sugar they work from, they will begin to add extra sugary material, tacking on up to 40-50 percent sugar, depending on the area they extract the honey from. 3d9ccd7d82


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