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The Chasm PC Game Free Download

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Tem here!!! It's my first time making an RPGmaker game!! Its my first time trying to put together my own project outside of an animated thing (though... I guess this is still sort of.. that..). I've always wanted to make an RPGMaker game, though I guess it isn't much of a game. Its around 15-20 minutes long (though I guess it could be longer if you try to get all the endings). There's around 4 different endings you can get. A small warning that one of the endings is a little creepy/unsettling.. But hopefully its not too much. Also... occasionally a movie might freeze... I'm not really sure what causes this, if it happens, try restarting the game. I'm sorry if this happens :( It seems like this has been working for some people as a fix, so you could give it a try! -a-way-to-fix-tv-scene-crashing-bugsThank you for stopping by!! I hope you like it!! I'll try to make more one day. Hopefully I set up the downloading option right where you don't have to pay for it. But feel free to donate if you'd like to support me!!

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Chasm is a fun and unique puzzle game that offers something different for those seeking a challenge. Joe is an activist who lives in the city of Chasmton. This city is located next to a large chasm, and through this chasm, there is a water pipe that supplies fresh water to the population of Chasmton. Joe has been selected to head on up to the chasm to inspect the pipe and find the problem!You must help joe navigate the treacherous chasm and unravel the puzzle of the broken pipe! This game uses a simple click mechanism and you just have to click on various objects on the screen. You can direct Joe through various different paths but ensure you look at every eventuality! The puzzles are challenging. Can you save the citizens of Chasmton and bring them fresh water

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Chasm: The Rift is a first-person shooter for the PC developed by Action Forms, and published in 1997 by WizardWorks, GT Interactive, and MegaMedia. A soldier is on a mission is to stop mutant beings invading Earth from different timelines. On this mission, there are many locales including military bases in the present to tombs in ancient Egypt. Dismemberment is one of the game's key features, which allows limbs to be shot off enemies. There is an official add-on to the game with three additional levels and new enemy types, available as a free download on the developer's website.

The download also contains a PDF file describing where in the game each save was made. If you're having trouble finding where the save files are stored on your system, check out Feral Interactive's help page. That page also includes a link to contact support. Thanks to John D. for sharing these saves.

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