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Dyson Hair Dryer Where To Buy

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Dyson Hair Dryer Where To Buy

Okay. I need a new dryer and am ready to invest in a Dyson. My current dryer is an Elchim and has finally worn out after many years. I have baby fine, aging hair currently in a short Bob with bangs. My biggest hair challenge is frizz and lack of volume. The air wrap with smoothing brush sounds like the perfect solution but I am unlikely to use the other attachments. But who knows I am willing to make whatever investment I need to to get the easiest, best tool that will last for years and also travel well. The Revlon and Dry Bar alternatives look to big around for my short hair. Which Dyson tool would you recommend for me

When my Dyson Supersonic hair dryer arrived, I noticed the packaging was really secure and kept everything neatly stowed for shipping. Small notches in the cardboard helped tuck everything nicely inside.

I attached the styling concentrator nozzle to the dryer and gave it a slight turn for the best angle on my hair. You can spin the attachments to point in the best direction without it wiggling loose or coming off.

But I wondered how groundbreaking a new hair dryer model could really be. Well, the moment I turned it on and got to use it, I could see that the hype is well-deserved when it comes to the Supersonic.

We tested the Dyson Supersonic on type 2A, thick hair using all the attachments, heat settings, and speed settings. We found that it took about four minutes to completely dry from wet, freshly showered hair without using any attachments on the second speed and heat settings. (Note, the highest speed and heat were too strong to use without the gentle hair diffuser or other attachments). With other hair dryers, it took at least 10-15 minutes to fully dry hair.

We have noticed that drying freshly showered hair with the Supersonic (four minutes) is faster than drying hair with the Airwrap pre-styling dryer (7+ minutes). Obviously, we understand that the Airwrap is mainly used to reach a damp moisture level for styling rather than drying hair completely. However, some (aka us) would rather purchase one model than both.

What we love about the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is that you can use it on various hair types, from slick straight to textured and curly. Attachments like the hair diffuser allow those who have textured and curly hair to mimic natural air drying and create frizz-free hairstyles. This type of attachment is not available with the Airwrap. With the styling concentrator and your own preferred round brush, you can create bouncy and voluminous blowouts.

Color-treated hair is pretty vulnerable when it comes to heat exposure. We all know the all-too-familiar smell of burning hair and the straw-like locks that result from overzealous hair dryers.The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer solved this problem brilliantly.

It should prevent extreme heat damage because the airflow temperature is kept in check. Thanks to intelligent heat control, which is a sensor that checks the heat 40 times a second, it turns the heat down if need be. That means the hot air from your hair dryer never exceeds 212F at its highest setting.

When you buy the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, the box should contain:The Dyson Supersonic hair dryerStyling concentratorGentle air attachmentFlyaway attachmentDiffuserWide tooth comb attachmentYou can also find gift boxes during holidays and special occasions that might contain the Dyson hair dryer stand and/or presentation case that holds the dryer and the attachments. This retails separately for $59.99.FAQsHere are some frequently asked questions about the Dyson hair dryer:

The Airwrap is a hybrid between a hair dryer and a styling tool that straightens and curls your hair, while the Supersonic hair dryer is like a regular hair dryer.VerdictImage SourceBefore we get the final verdict, I have to say this: making up your mind about the Dyson hair dryer should come down to whether it fits into your budget or not.Sure, the Dyson is an engineering marvel, and it could be