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InteriCAD 6000.rar

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InteriCAD Studio is protected by GNU General Public License 2 or later (as of 28 Oct 2014), which means you can use InteriCAD for both Free Software and Commercial products. This document explains the source code license terms.

InteriCAD is a very fast and powerful 2D CAD software for creators and engineers. Draw basic and advanced geometric shapes, including lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, polygons, polygons, splines, and text with just a few clicks.

InteriCAD enables you to freely distribute your engineering designs and algorithms, which is very useful. You can easily save or print your model with the built-in functionality, so you can work offline later. InteriCAD provides tools that help you draw simple 2D tables, as well as table and matrix calculations.

InteriCAD provides a set of basic functions, a library of available symbols, and a few basic editing functions such as drawing, rotation, and mirroring. InteriCAD provides everything you need to create 2D drawings quickly and easily.

The file "INTERICAD6000.RAR" has changed from version 5.2.0 to v6.4.1. The program will load all new files which are identical, but the new version also loads and works with files that were only opened with this new version.

The file "INTERICAD6000.RAR" can be opened with the latest version of the program, but the previous versions will not automatically be updated. So you should delete previous files of this program from your hard disk before you install the program. 3d9ccd7d82


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