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Where To Buy Plastic Serving Trays

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Where To Buy Plastic Serving Trays

Ensure your beverages and meals make it to the journey from the kitchen to the table with this anti-slip rectangle plastic serving tray. Carry the tray easily with its rubberized grips. And never worry about drinks and plates sliding around thanks to the rubber nubs inside the tray. The rubber grate on the bottom keeps the tray securely on top of the table, counter, or whatever surface you desire to place it on. Spot clean.

A serving tray is perfect for everything from sharing coffee and biscuits in a cozy corner with a dear friend, to setting up cocktails with your entourage. Whatever your needs, this round serving tray ensures that you'll be sharing in a minimalist style. Made in the USA, this piece is crafted from plastic and vinyl, so it's chip, warp, and tarnish resistant. Measuring 14'' in diameter, it's the perfect piece for a carafe and a few glasses. The tray is wrapped in leatherette material.

Here's where you'll find a tray or serving tray in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. These trays are handy for setting the table, breakfast in bed or when you want tea and biscuits while reading a book. Best of all, these eating trays are ideal for carrying cold drinks outside or around the home.

Choose stainless steel circular serving trays in silver or the color of brass to add a luxurious feel to your next dinner party. The raised edges will help keep highball glasses or any hor d'oeuvres from falling off. Also find wooden chopping boards in a variety of designs and materials such as bamboo or acacia that are great for serving cheeses and charcuterie.

Choose a foldable and easy to move bamboo armrest that fits over most sofa armrests to hold coffee mugs or snack bowls. Slender wooden cutting boards can also be used as serving trays on sofa armrests that are wide enough.

Breakfast in bed anyone IKEA bed trays stand at the perfect height to help you enjoy any meal in bed or on the couch. Their foldable legs also make for easy storage. Available in attractive beechwood or durable plastic in white, gray, black or turquoise. The raised edges keep your coffee or laptop in place, while making eating or reading in bed comfortable.

When you need to carry several sandwiches out to the backyard picnic table or dessert for two to the couch, use attractive eating trays in rustic wood with raised edges and handles that help you go from one room to the next without worry. Or use melamine laminate or plastic trays in a variety of colors and styles that fit in racks or atop kitchen trolleys for easy storage and room-to-room service.

Plastic restaurant serving trays are vital for most food service venues, including cafeterias, cafes, fast food businesses, and buffets. Our NSF-certified restaurant serving trays allow servers to carry many items at once while serving food to diners. Our plastic restaurant trays have a skid-resistant surface to help keep items in place. These serving trays are available with your choice of seven different colors to compliment any decor. Food serving trays are often placed in display cases at delis and bakeries to keep various foods ready for patrons. Catering businesses also use these restaurant trays to place appetizers and desserts on self-service tables for easy access by attendees. In addition, hotel kitchens that provide room service need a large supply of serving trays to deliver food to their guests.

Our fast-food trays are made in 7 colors to match any decor. We manufacture black serving trays, blue serving trays, red serving trays, gray serving trays, yellow serving trays, green serving trays, and brown serving trays. In addition, the high lip on the outside edge of the serving tray helps to contain drink and food spills, reducing cleanup costs and labor. The textured top surface provides extra grip and helps to prevent items from sliding.

Our food serving trays are the best choice for restaurants that are concerned about food quality and safety. Not all plastics are approved for use in containers that will come into contact with food. Our trays are BPA-free and are made of polypropylene. In this regard, our trays are NSF-certified and are designed for ease of cleaning. There are no sharp corners on the serving tray where foods may become trapped. Serving food on these trays will ensure restaurant compliance with all health inspection requirements.

On the other hand, plastic trays, while inexpensive, only need to be dropped once before breaking apart and being rendered useless, also potentially morphing and becoming misshapen from hot water washing.

Your trays are formed and printed to order by our expert print technicians. Printed edge-to-edge using our specialist printing process, your original designs won't fade over time, peel away or scratch off. When we form the trays, we create a curved lip around the edges to prevent things from sliding off. We print all over the front of the glossy plastic and print the plain reverse with your custom logo or message. Details and colors print sharply, giving your tray a high-definition look and feel.

For designs with fine details, try to keep the important features away from the edges to avoid the lip distorting your image. These decorative serving trays are such a smart way to present your artwork or branding. Print cute doodles or illustrations and create a range of children's plastic serving trays that are great for encouraging little ones to eat their dinner.

Make your food look classic and stylish with this rectangular white plastic serving platter. Each tray is 8'' x 11'' and has raised edges for safety of food and a great look. Perfect for any occasion. Includes 1 white plastic tray platter.

We put the pro into proficient to ensure your serving is efficient. From picnic to party, from preparation to presentation, every occasion deserves to be a celebration. Fineline Settings sets the standard for heavyweight dishes in quality construction and definitive design. We transform every meal into an occasion by ensuring all the convenience of plastic along with the sophistication of china. 59ce067264


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