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Philippine History By Teodoro Agoncillo And Fe Mangahas 16.pdf

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Philippine History By Teodoro Agoncillo And Fe Mangahas 16.pdf

Philippine History: A Nationalist Perspective by Teodoro Agoncillo and Fe Mangahas

Philippine History is a book written by Teodoro Agoncillo and Fe Mangahas, first published in 1960. It is one of the most popular and widely used textbooks on Philippine history in many Filipino universities. The book covers the history of the Philippines from pre-colonial times to the present, with an emphasis on the nationalist and revolutionary movements that shaped the nation's identity and destiny.

Teodoro Agoncillo (1912-1985) was one of the pre-eminent Filipino historians of the 20th century. He and his contemporary Renato Constantino were among the first Filipino historians who earned renown for promoting a distinctly nationalist point of view of Filipino history (nationalist historiography). He was also an essayist and a poet. He authored several works on Philippine history, such as The Revolt of the Masses: The Story of Bonifacio and the Katipunan (1956), Malolos: The Crisis of the Republic (1960), The Fateful Years: Japan's Adventure in the Philippines, 1941-1945 (1965), Pilipinas Kong Mahal: Isang Kasasayan (1981), and The Burden of Proof: The Vargas Laurel Collaboration Case (1984). In recognition of his works, which carry a distinctive Filipino view of history, he was posthumously awarded by the Nation Academy of Science and Technology the title of National Scientist in 1985.

Fe Mangahas was a historian and a professor at the University of the Philippines. She collaborated with Agoncillo in writing Philippine History and other books. She also wrote articles on Philippine culture, education, and women's issues.

Philippine History is divided into 16 chapters, each covering a specific period or theme in Philippine history. The chapters are:

The Philippines and Its People

The Earliest Filipinos

The Coming of Islam

The Coming of Spain

The Spanish Colonial System

The Rise of Filipino Nationalism

The Revolution Against Spain

The Revolution Against America

The American Colonial System

The Rise of American Imperialism

The Commonwealth Period

The Japanese Occupation

The Third Republic

The Marcos Regime

The Aquino Administration

Contemporary Philippines

Philippine History is a comprehensive and critical account of the historical development of the Philippines. It challenges the colonial and elitist perspectives that have dominated Philippine historiography for centuries. It highlights the role and contributions of the masses, especially the peasants and workers, in shaping Philippine history. It also exposes the contradictions and conflicts that have marked Philippine society and politics, such as colonialism, feudalism, imperialism, corruption, dictatorship, democracy, nationalism, revolution, reform, and resistance.

Philippine History is a valuable source of information and insight for anyone who wants to learn more about the Philippines and its people. It is also a testament to the vision and courage of Teodoro Agoncillo and Fe Mangahas, who dared to write Philippine history from a nationalist perspective. 9160f4acd4


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