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The Spirit

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The Spirit

We feel very fortunate to work within the global drinks industry. The ever-changing trends, product innovation and fine spirits to sample means we have a happy, customer-focused and enthusiastic team here in Durham.

Through a process called Distillate Reconstruction, each one of the Free Spirits is crafted by identifying that spirit's unique fingerprint (all of the raw materials, flavors and interactions that give a traditional spirit its unique flavor profile). Then we source those ingredients (like Blue Agave, White Oak and Juniper Berries) and distill them into natural flavors, extracts and botanicals. We then reconstruct that spirit, to form something much bigger than the sum of its parts. And, instead of a fermentation process that generates alcohol, we simply infuse the source liquid with nutrients like B Vitamins and energy to help enhance your mood, the social experience, and your spirit.

The Spirit of Tequila is made in the spirit of the great oaky, vanilla-kissed Reposado Tequilas. A fiery, earthy non-alcoholic (less than .5% ABV) alternative to Tequila, The Spirit of Tequila is made with all natural flavors and functional ingredients to awaken your taste buds, help elevate your mood and recharge your body. With an earthy, spicy nose and a smoky, agave-forward palate, The Spirit of Tequila will ignite the moment and keep the conversation on the sunny side of the street. 750ml bottle.

This year I made a decision to dial back on my alcohol consumption for health reasons. I am a big fan of tequila, the high end stuff. I didn't have high hopes after tasting other types of "spirits" but was pleasantly surprised when I received this. Definitely not for sipping but great for making a spicy margarita, my fave! This is agave forward, somewhat vegatal with a lovely spicy kick. I will be repurchasing for sure!!

If the world continues on its way without the possibility of God which is the same as saying without Light Love Truth then what does this mean It means that perhaps a thousand years of mans life on this planet will be without Light Love Truth It is what we were saying indeed that there will be on Earth that place which human beings describe to the world of the spirits Hell Now there is yet time but not very much your generation Lucille is the beginning of the possibility and your girls generation is the middle etc.

Mexico is home to the highest bio-diversity of agave varietals in the world. Tequila and Mezcal spirits derived from the heart of the agave are the fastest trending spirits in the marketplace. This expressive documentary takes viewers beyond the spirit to discover how one plant can carry the weight of a culture and the people trying to protect it.

Produced by Digital Cave in association with Habitant Films this feature length documentary tells the story of agave and the Mexican legacy in producing the spirits. Agave: Spirit of a Nation is the third feature documentary that uses a culinary product to discover and connect directly with the culture producing it. Although our beliefs and cultures around the world vary our understanding of history is universal. 59ce067264


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