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the term precipitation includes the process of depositing a solute into a liquid, solidifying the liquid into a solid, agglomeration of particles that have been dispersed in liquid, or coalescence of particles.

the topic area will provide a series of concepts to be demonstrated in the cmdb for a pv system. in addition, the concepts will be developed to the point where they are further tested in the ntp ci and lox tanks. the program will evaluate all of the concepts for work in progress in the areas of emphasis identified by the apo to include photovoltaic and solar thermal experiments.

the aia uses the high-temporal resolution imaging spectrometer (hirise) camera to study the terrestrial evolution of the moon from the volcanic bombardment of the early bombardment up to the present. hirise/lro is hosted on the lunar reconnaissance orbiter. launched in 2009, the lunar reconnaissance orbiter (lro) was built and tested at the ames research center and is managed by nasa goddard space flight center's launch services division. the lro is equipped with seven instruments to study the far side of the moon in greater detail than ever before. hirise/lro is able to image the far side of the moon with both visible and near-infrared wavelengths. hirise will collect in-situ measurements of the lunar atmosphere and the near-earth environment, which are then used to constrain models of the distribution of lunar volatiles and the impact history of the moon-forming event.

the concept of waste heat recovery from electrothermal fluid systems such as internal combustion engines (ics), reactors, and solar thermal systems such as concentrating collectors, etc. this is a cross-cutting project covering the development of thermal cycling processes for the production of eco-friendly and high-efficiency electric and heat generation systems. the current focus of the advanced propulsion center is the development of plasma-based propulsion systems. this topic area is focusing on plasma-based thruster technology. the proposed thruster is based on the vapor compression cycle that occurs in closed-cycle cryocoolers. the proposed thruster is combined with a hybrid electromagnetic launcher that is connected to the stator of a small torque-generating motor for the actuator. the proposed device is an add-on to the existing system and addresses the issues such as the complexity of the conventional ecm, the need for a larger booster, as well as the high cost. this technology offers the possibility of multi-use generation and storage of propulsion energy, in the form of heat. such a system would be suitable for use in space, in aircraft, in the marine industry, and on the ground. as a result, this technology may lead to significant contributions to space development programs such as manned exploration of the moon and mars. 3d9ccd7d82


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