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Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Big Data And The ...

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Netflix and YouTube currently use what's called adaptive bitrate streaming, which constantly adjusts ("adapts") the stream rate to the quality of your Internet connection and the performance of your computer. It's based on the ordinary method ofsending packet data across the Internet (hypertext transfer protocol, HTTP), so it's better suited to sending data over the Net than older streaming "protocols" such as RTP (real-time protocol), used by early streaming players such as Real (describedin the box below). One advantage is that it can cope with mobile networks that may switch back and forth between high (5G and 4G) and slower (3G) speeds as you move around.

The rapid growth of social media has caused some serious issues regarding data storage and management, which has led to the emergence of big data framework technologies as the classic data process methods are insufficient to handle such data. The big data frameworks used in this work are Apache Hadoop,Footnote 1 Apache Mahout,Footnote 2 Apache FlumeFootnote 3 along with a set of machine learning techniques presented in the next section. Apache Hadoop enables the processing of a huge amount of data, both batch and streaming, and implements MapReduce paradigm as a run-time system [59] while Apache Mahout allows developers to implement their machine learning algorithm by providing a set of classification algorithms on a distributed cluster [60]. Apache Flume has the ability to collect, aggregate, and move large amounts of streaming data from various sources to a centralized data storage like HDFS [61]. 59ce067264


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