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But it's not an outright smash. Much like Intel's Skylake-X i9 processors, there are signs that the 8700K was rushed to combat a resurgent AMD, as well as to fill the gap created by the now-delayed 10nm Cannon Lake architecture. Reaching such high clock speeds across six cores has dramatically increased power consumption and made managing heat a headache. Overclocking isn't for the fainthearted or, at least, those without a substantial cooling setup. And, despite being based on an architecture that stretches back to Skylake, Coffee Lake requires a new motherboard, turning what might have been a compelling upgrade, even for Kaby Lake owners, into a far more considered purchase.

Internally, there's little to tell Coffee Lake apart from Kaby Lake, which in turn was largely the same as Skylake. This one of the longest periods Intel has gone without changing its mainstream architecture, a side effect of the move away from tick-tock, and the delay to 10nm Cannon Lake parts. There is an extra 4MB of L3 cache on board to accommodate six cores, along with a rise in TDP to 95W, but otherwise don't expect any increases in instructions per clock performance. The performance boosts in Coffee Lake come from clock speed and cores, not from an evolution in architecture.

Before moving to Palm Beach County two years ago, the Coates owned a chain of "bikini barista" coffee stands in the Seattle area, known as Foxy Lady. That led to a reality show on Amazon Prime Video that followed the Coates and their employees.

The Coates spent much of the past two years scouting a location for their coffee shop. They looked in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and other areas in Palm Beach County before settling on downtown Lake Worth Beach.

While South Beach Coffee Co. will be the only business of it's kind on Lake Avenue, there are a couple of other coffee shops nearby, including the popular Common Grounds Brew and Roastery on South J Street.

To help you make sense of it all, I've put together everything you need to know about Intel's current crop of desktop Core CPUs, including all the details about the upcoming round of additional 9th gen processors, plus a list of all the different model names, specs and prices for the Coffee Lake processors you can buy right now. You'll also find out what separates a Coffee Lake from a Kaby Lake/Skylake/Ice Lake and all other manner of 'lakes', which motherboard you need for an Intel Core CPU, as well as what's coming next from the world of Intel.

Technically, Intel are a bit behind the curve here, as AMD have already jumped to using a 12nm process for their latest Ryzen CPUs. Intel, on the other hand, have chosen to stick with the same 14nm manufacturing process as its last three generations of processor for Coffee Lake, albeit using a process that's greatly 'improved' and more efficient than their previous 14nm Broadwell, Skylake and Kaby Lake chips. To use the official parlance, it's technically called 14nm++.

Although Coffee Lake CPUs physically fit into the same LGA 1151 motherboard sockets as Skylake and Kaby Lake chips, you sadly can't just bung your shiny new Coffee Lake chip into any old LGA 1151 board: chances are it won't work. Instead, you need to make sure you get one with a 300-series chipset in it. 100- and 200-series chipsets are for Skylake and Kaby Lake processors only.

However, Skylake is also the name of the underlying microarchitecture used by Intel's 7th generation of desktop processors, Kaby Lake (Core i5-7350K and Core i7-7600K, etc), and even the current 8th Gen, Coffee Lake. It's also set to form the basis of Intel's next set of processors, which are currently codenamed Ice Lake.

So technically, we've been using 'Skylake' chips for the last three years. That's largely down to Intel ditching their so-called 'tick-tock' upgrade model of yore, where a 'tick' year represented a shrinking of nanometers, and a 'tock' year introduced a new micro-architecture. Indeed, the last 'tock' was that initial introduction of Skylake. Now, we're supposed to be in a 'process, architecture, optimization' model, but all we've had are optimizations because the next process (or nanometer shrinking) ended up getting delayed.

Ice Lake will finally move Intel's CPUs onto the long-awaited 10nm manufacturing process, and it's coming sometime in Holiday 2019. Ice Lake will also be running Intel's new Sunny Cove architecture, which promises to deliver big improvements in AI computations and machine learning over the existing Skylake micro-architecture, and most importantly carry on Intel's watery naming conventions.

Black & Brass Coffee Co. is your source for coffee and culture. We place a high value not only on delicious coffee, but also artistic and creative expression. We feature our own line of cozy coffee shops and exclusive products. Check out our store for quality roasts and more.

Choosing Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee directly supports a network of Rwanda coffee farming communities, providing the farmers with living wages, education, healthcare, and clean water, while celebrating specialty coffee.

Coffee is a major global commodity, with an estimated 164 million bags produced in 2021. However, the price of coffee is subject to a wide range of political risks that can have a significant impact on the supply and demand of this beloved beverage. As many of you are acutely aware,...

Coffee has become a ubiquitous part of American culture, and it's hard to imagine starting the day without a cup of joe. However, coffee wasn't always the beverage of choice for Americans, and its popularity grew during the American frontier period. The American frontier period, which began in the late...

Ava Roasteria. This too is a chain, but on a much smaller scale with the roastery and tasting room in Beaverton, and other locations in Portland and Hillsboro. If you prefer your coffee late into the night, this is your spot as it is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Located in Kruse Village at 4847 Meadows Road, #147 503. 305.6328.

As the weather cools down, it's a great time to visit some of the cozy coffee shops around Lake Norman. Local coffee shops are staples in the community and serve as a hub for people to come work, drink, and socialize. There is a wide variety of coffee shops spread throughout our three towns, so whether you're in the mood for a coconut mocha from 77 Grounds to sharing a latte on the patio at Waterbean Coffee with friends, there will be a coffee shop perfect for you!

With delicious pastries ready to purchase and coffee that will warm you up, Bakery 28 is a place you'll want to give a try. They serve Black Powder Espresso, a locally sourced coffee originating from Mooresville, NC. Choose from their variety of individually-sliced cakes, cheesecakes, muffins, croissants, scones, and cookies to pair with their coffee. Whether you prefer regular coffee and espresso drinks or iced coffee and lattes, we're sure you'll find the perfect drink suited for you.

If you've heard of Old Town Public House, then you might be familiar with Public Grounds Coffee. Public Grounds is right near the Cornelius Town Hall on East Catawba and resides in OTPH. In the evenings, this spot usually has live music and great local beers. However, in the mornings, Public Grounds makes for a cozy coffee shop with a great atmosphere for reading, working, and meeting with friends.

Public Grounds prides itself in ensuring their ingredients are all locally sourced, with coffee beans coming from Mooresville, pastries from Davidson and bagels from Huntersville! They also provide teas and syrups which are all carefully selected from trustworthy producers. While their menu is expansive, you can count on their friendly and knowledgeable staff to make sure you feel right at home as soon as you come in. It's a great spot to connect with others or give yourself some "me-time" in Old Town Cornelius!

Located in the heart of Downtown Davidson, 77 Grounds is a laidback, contemporary coffee shop staffed with baristas who are ready to brighten your day. They serve classic coffee beverages along with hand-crafted specialty drinks and teas. 77 Grounds opened in August 2020, and has since become a local favorite with their popular menu items like their coconut mocha. This shop also serves Pure Intentions Coffee, a locally roasted coffee originating in Charlotte, NC. For those who don't do dairy, they offer oat milk and almond milk to accommodate your needs. Even if you drink dairy, their 12 oz oat milk latte for only $4 is certainly worth the try!

Each of their drinks is hand-crafted using proper technique and equipment to ensure the finest drinking experience. Their shop has expansive indoor and outdoor seating along with modern conference rooms and even a special place for your kids to play! Defined carries delicious fresh pastries, and one of their most popular is the chocolate cupcake with cream cheese. Whether it's drip coffee, espresso, a latte, or tea, their friendly staff will ensure you leave satisfied and ready to come back!

All of the coffee shops we mentioned above are locally-owned so we highly recommend giving them each a visit whenever you're craving coffee or need a spot to meet with friends. Whenever you give them a visit, be sure to tag us in your coffee pics on social media @VisitLakeNorman for a chance to be featured! If we missed a local coffee shop, let us know in the comments below.

At Herkimer Coffee our purpose is to create a coffee experience of the highest possible quality. Whether it's your double espresso, latte to go, or the bag of beans you brew at home, we want your experience to be the best it can be.

The majority of our coffees are sourced directly with the producers. Regular visits to origin to see the farms help maintain these relationships firsthand - this cultivates a mutually beneficial relationship for all involved. The coffees we buy command a premium price in the market place and that in turn ensures good wages and working conditions at the farms. 59ce067264


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