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To delegate responsibilities to others, visit the Users and Access section and add users by entering their names and email addresses. They can then perform tasks based on the roles you assign them. Learn about roles.

If your email service provider supports email subaddressing with a plus sign (+), you can use subaddresses of a sandbox-specific address for a sandbox tester. For example, if your base sandbox email is, you can use,, and as email addresses for additional testers. All communications sent to the subaddresses are also sent to the base address.

In-app purchase keys are private and can only be downloaded once. After downloading the key, store it in a safe place. Remember to revoke a key immediately if it becomes lost or compromised and ensure that offers using this key are updated.

App Store Connect provides a simple way for you to determine your export compliance requirements by presenting you with a set of questions about your app and where you plan to make it available. Proceed based on the scenarios below:

As part of preparing your data for the recipient before the transfer, you will need to generate a transfer identifier for each user in your database. You can do this via a REST service endpoint provided by Apple.

If your app distributes Wallet passes that require ongoing updates from your app or web service, the passes will eventually need to be reissued using a new identifier after transfer is complete so they can be signed with certificates issued from your Apple Developer account. To minimize user confusion and avoid interruption, we recommend providing a message in your app to let users know that their previously issued pass will become inactive and to download a new pass from your app or web service.

The device type is the target device for the variant. Universal refers to the variant that runs on all supported operating systems and target devices that are delivered to customers running iOS 8 and earlier, apps purchased in volume through Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager or through Mobile Device Management (MDM), or apps downloaded using iTunes 12.6 or earlier.

If any of the device variant sizes exceed the 200 MB over-the-air download limit, a yellow warning appears next to the build string in the Builds table and next to the variant size in the App Store File Sizes table. Click the warning icon to read the full warning. Apple will also send you an email with this information.

Testers install the free TestFlight app on their devices. Then they use their invitation email or a public link to accept invitations, install your app, send feedback, and get updates. Testers download and install thinned variants of your app.

If you have builds available for testing, the users you selected will receive an email inviting them to test the app. The users will be directed to accept the invitation using the TestFlight app on their device or via a redemption code. Internal testers will be able to download and test all builds for 90 days.

Before releasing your app on the App Store for the first time, you can choose to offer it for pre-order. Customers can view your product page and order your app before it's released for download. Once your app is released, customers are notified and your app automatically download on the device on which they made the pre-order. It will also download on their other devices if they turned on automatic downloads . For paid apps, customers are charged before download.

While your app is available for pre-order, you can update your app by creating and submitting a new version. The new version must be approved before it can be published for pre-order on the App Store, so be sure to follow the App Review Guidelines. If you submit a version update during the pre-order period, customers will receive the latest version published to the App Store once your app is released for download.



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