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Video Copilot - Evolution (Decorative Design Elements)


The Pro Bundle from Video Copilot provides you with Twitch, an After Effects plug-in for adding stylized visual and motion effects to your footage, and a library of pre-keyed design elements, visual effects, sound effects, and audio elements to enhance your videos. The bundle features Twitch, Evolution, Riot Gear, and Designer Sound FX.Twitch is plug-in designed for use within Adobe After Effects. It comes with 6 built-in operators (blur, color, light, scale, slide, and time) for adding 'twitch' to your video. You can toggle on/off individual effects, as well as adjust the quantity and speed of each effect. It also features ten twitch sound effects, 25 effect presets, and advanced features such as distortion FX, film shifting, and twitching to the beat of music. 7 video tutorials are included.Evolution provides over 170 decorative designed elements, such as flourishes, objects, textures, arrows, and extension and bonus elements. The elements are pre-keyed for built-in transparency, so they are ready to use simply by dragging the clips onto your editing timeline. In addition, Evolution comes with 10 professional 720p 60fps design projects, compatible with Adobe After Effect 7 and higher, and 7 video tutorials.Riot Gear is a collection of visual elements suitable for opening title graphics, move trailers, motion graphics, and organic special effects. The collection includes brush strokes, ink effects, paint splatter and splatter images, paper and grunge textures, and TV noise effects. More than 90% of the elements come from live action footage. Riot Gear also comes with a selection of royalty-free video and five tutorial videos.Designer Sound FX builds on the visual effects of Evolution and Riot Gear by providing 500 sound effects and audio elements to accompany them. Audio files encompass categories such as Abstract, Swishes, Drums, Ambience, and Impacts. Also part of the collection is royalty-free sound, five pre-scored audio tracks with project files, a complete promo video project file, and three video tutorials.Please see the links below for more information on the various components of this bundle.

The Video Copilot Evolution Decorative Design Elements offers 170 design elements such as flourishes, objects, textures, arrows, extension, and bonus elements. The elements are pre-keyed, ready to use or broadcast - built-in transparency of video files allow you to merge without removing the background, simply by dragging it on the top of the video.

In addition to an advanced gallery page and 7 video tutorials, the Evolution Decorative Design Elements comes with the free Twister Preset, which is an advanced animation preset that enables you to make custom unique creations and allows animation of all the design elements. Scrupulously crafted and animated with wide-ranging detail and quality, the suite ensures that the vines grow and the leaves sprout with a trivial bounce.

What is Video Copilot EvolutionVideo Copilot Evolution is a collection of high quality decorative design elements for creative video professionals. We did the boring hard work so you can be the artist. 1e1e36bf2d


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