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Where To Buy Metal Tins

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Find your metal packaging solution here with a wide selection of tin containers. All of our metal containers are food grade and manufactured with rolled edges for safe handling. Great for tea, candles, and cosmetics, tins are also ideal for spices, candies and other dry products. Order your tin containers wholesale by the case for the best discounts, or less than a case for your smaller projects.

Tin containers with lids can be commonly found in many different industries. Thanks to their durability and resistance to rusting, they often function to pack food products and makeup or to store wax lights. These tins are food-safe and will thus not affect the taste or the quality of its content. They have furthermore been designed to take a hit and can handle internal pressure. This makes them extremely durable. The cans provide an excellent barrier against water, oxygen, and light. Because of this, metal tins offer great protection to your product.Last but not least, they offer one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging options. Metal food containers are 100% recyclable, without experiencing loss in quality. Studies have shown that around 30% of all tins in circulation contain recycled metals. Recycling such packaging can save the global economy billions of dollars per year. This makes them the most sustainable form of packaging on virtually any measure. These cans offer an affordable, safe, and sustainable way to promote your company and to pack your product.

Metal containers are often used along with aluminum bottles in the cosmetics industry where they function as makeup containers or cosmetic containers. Especially the smaller sized tins can be often found in this particular industry. They are commonly being filled up with cremes, lotions, or wax. Additionally, they can be used as so-called lip gloss containers. Smaller sized window tins are popular to be used as lip balm containers. The larger sized tin boxes are more commonly used to store hand cremes, body lotion, or hair gel. With their screw caps and EPE liner, small tin containers are easy to seal off and can be carried around in your purse without needing to worry about leakage.

Another popular closing mechanism used on tin containers is slipcovers. Slipcover metal tins may look pretty similar to any other tin can. What separates them from the rest, however, is their easy and efficient closing mechanism. Slipover tins can be easily opened by simply lifting up the lid of your tin. This model tin box does not require you to turn or twist your lid as is the case with screw top tins. Instead, you can simply lift up your hand after which the top will slide right off. Slipcovers can either be round or rectangular tins. This easy closing mechanism makes your tin can easy to be used and reused for numerous times. Similar to screw top tins, all our slipcover tins have been equipped with an EPE liner. This soft padding prolongs the shelf life of your goods by keeping out air, moist, and light. Nevertheless, slipcover tins cannot be sealed off as tightly as the beloved screw top tins mentioned above. As a result, slipcover tin containers are commonly used to store cosmetics such as cremes, lotions, or waxes. Additionally, they can also be found in the food industry where they are applied on for instance biscuit jars and spice containers. Slipcover tins are available with both regular caps and clear-top lids. They furthermore come in all forms and volumes ranging from round to rectangular. The tin boxes are crafted out of recyclable materials which makes them a highly sustainable wrapping. They furthermore come with rolled edges and seamless finish for safe usage. Along with their cheap price, slipcover tins are among the most commonly used tin boxes around the globe.

Window tins differentiate themselves from other containers by means of their beautiful clear top lids. The top of a window tin is most commonly produced out of aluminium along with durable plastic. There are, however, also more expensive clear top tins that have been equipped with a glass lid. Every clear top metal tin that can be found in our webshop comes with a plastic window. Premium tins with a real glass see-through top are available upon personal request. Just like all our other tin boxes, clear top tins come in different forms and volumes. If you happen to be looking for a particular clear top tin that is not available in our web store, please do not hesitate to contact us. All our tin containers are fully customizable upon request and we are happy to create that one special tin for you. Thanks to their beautiful see-through caps, windowed tins treat you to a great way to display your goods. Clear top tins can often be found in the food or makeup industries. Here they are being filled up with colorful goods ranging from sweets and herbs to makeup. These tin containers are furthermore often used as home decorative tins when they are being filled up with wax lights. Because of their see-through caps, window tins do not come equipped with an EPE liner. As a result, they are less popular for holding fresh goods with a limited shelf life.

In the age of sustainability and recycling, a metal container is easier to reuse and recycle than other packaging options. Green Earth offers various types of metal containers for sale, so read on further to learn about our small containers, what to use them for, and more!

At Green Earth, we have two kinds of tin containers in different sizes to best meet your preferred packaging needs. Each metal container has its own sleek and compact design that is easy to travel with and lightweight.

Each design has its advantages when it comes to storing and distributing your product. Our metal tins with lids are made with food-grade, non-toxic materials certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To open the metal container, place both index fingers on the back of the container and use your thumbs to press down on the two buttons located on the opposite side. To close it, press down on the lid until it clicks.

The rectangular small containers have lids with a double-lipped design with an interior beam between two metal rims. To open it, apply pressure with your fingers to the bottom of the tin packaging container while using your other thumb to lift the lid. When the metal container with lid closes, it provides a tight seal for odor protection.

Tin containers with lids can be recycled indefinitely. Tin metal material, along with steel, has the highest recycling rate compared to other materials like plastic and glass. When your customers recycle their metal tins with lids at their respective recycling centers, it is collected with other metal scraps and separated from aluminum packaging products.

Recycled tin packaging is used to create metal sheets used for automotive parts and new bulk containers. Before they are recycled, tin box packaging containers are reusable and are great for storing different home products including snacks, craft supplies, and more. Thanks to its two-step opening mechanism, small children will have difficulty opening a tin box with lid.

Our inventory is not only limited to metal containers for sale but also various other types of container packaging. A lot of our sustainable packaging products are highly regarded by different companies in varying industries who are all trying to lower their impacts while maintaining or even improving the quality of their brands.

At Berlin Packaging, we offer a wide range of metal tins in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. For products that need to meet strict guidelines and regulations, FDA-approved options are available.

Metal is sturdy, making it a popular packaging material that can withstand transport and storage. Metal is also recyclable and can be reused. Our wholesale metal tins are available in tin-plated steel and come in a variety of shapes, including round, oblong, rectangular, and square tins with lids. Capacities range from less than 0.5 ounces or 10 milliliters to as large as 6 gallons or 25 liters. A variety of different types of lids are available for our bulk tins, either included with the tins or for purchase separately. Choose from hinged, slide top, slip cover, and window tin lids.

No matter what type of tins you need, we can help you with more than just containers! We offer a range of services to assist you with your business needs. From inventory management to label design, trust Berlin Packaging to help grow your business and improve your bottom line. 59ce067264


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