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In the remains of a FEDRA Detention Center, Kathleen, the leader of the revolutionaries, interrogates Dr. Eldelstein regarding the whereabouts of Henry Burrell, whom she blames for causing the death of her brother by ratting him out to FEDRA. Eldelstein tells her she is taking things too far, which she denies, claiming FEDRA forced her hand, and demands at gunpoint he reveal where Henry is. Eldelstein remains silent, and they are interrupted by the arrival of a truck carrying the bodies of the people Joel killed. Kathleen's lieutenant, Perry, explains he thinks the killers were outsiders. Kathleen concludes they must have been brought in by Henry. Furious, Kathleen returns to the detention block and kills Eldelstein before instructing the revolutionaries to find any "collaborators" and kill them.

The revolutionaries take to the streets in their trucks, forcing Joel and Ellie to hide in an abandoned bar. As they wait for the coast to clear, Joel apologizes for putting Ellie in a situation where she had to kill or seriously injure someone, acknowledging she is just a kid. Though Ellie wipes some tears away, she admits it was not actually the first time she has hurt someone. Joel gives her the gun back, and makes sure she understands basic gun safety, which she explains she learned in FEDRA school. He then gives her some tricks on how to hold it before entrusting it to her, telling her to hide it in her backpack. However, Ellie puts it in her coat pocket instead before heading back to the streets.

Kathleen's second-in-command, Perry (Jeffrey Pierce), shows her a vacated room where Henry had been living. The floor of the basement-level storage room is buckling, and underground something is moving. Perry insists they deal with the problem, but Kathleen orders him to hide the evidence until they find Henry. Joel locates a high-rise building where they can get a good view of the surrounding area and find an escape route. Lying down to sleep in one of the apartments, one of Ellie's jokes makes Joel laugh for the first time. Abruptly awoken by Ellie's voice, Joel finds Henry (Lamar Johnson) and his eight-year-old brother Sam (Keivonn Montreal Woodard) holding them at gunpoint.

IGN's Cardy compared the cinematography during the ambush sequence to Emmanuel Lubezki's work in Children of Men (2006), calling it demonstrative of "the classiness on display in every aspect of the show's production".[34] He praised the use of handheld camera movements and close-up shots to follow Joel and Ellie's movements.[34] Push Square's Webb lauded Webb's direction for focusing on quieter moments,[42] and The Escapist's Mooney applauded his decision to keep the camera on Ellie and Kathleen when they fire their guns.[39] The New York Times's Noel Murray commended John Paino's production design, "from the trashed gas stations to the wreckage-strewn Kansas City streets".[35]

Kathleen exists in this space. She plays as a counterpoint to that fascination with masculinity. She leads a local militia populated by men wearing military fatigues, sunglasses, and carrying assault rifles, but she sounds like the kind of person who always wants to speak to the manager. It puts an interesting spin on a common archetype in these sorts of post-apocalyptic narratives, but who would traditionally be presented more like her right-hand man, Perry (Jeffrey Pierce).

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After what happened to Tess, Joel told


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