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La Chitarra Volante 1 Download Pdf

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La Chitarra Volante 1 Download Pdf

The Chitarra Volante is a Moog full-size keyboard offering the greatest in analog and digital vintage/art-inspired sound. With a wide color selection of gothic, neo-traditional, folk, renaissance, world and other period-appropriate keyboard colors, the Chitarra is sure to inspire the most creative guitarist/performer. The Chitarra Volante is the culmination of 25 years of research by award-winning composer, guitarist and luthier, Spencer Brown.This pedal is simple and easy to use with a very legacy type of feel that takes you back to the good old days of electric and electric lap steel guitar in small clubs and bars. It will take your lead playing to a higher level. The Chitarra is perfect for lead players who want to create period-accurate sounds in the studio and on stage. Multi-effects features include true bypass, reverb, chorus, delay and 7-band equalizer with Mono/Stereo and Virtualizer configurations. The Chitarra Volante includes two footswitches to control the virtual strings; classic, half-open, and open. One stop pedal with a stiff spring locks into place for high-energy playing. The Chitarra is a must-have for all of your recording and live needs. The value is outstanding considering this is the worlds first mass-produced electronically-driven electric guitar to be made in America in over four decades. Made in the USA, in the heartland at our 2,600 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. We offer lifetime warranty.A larger version of the Chitarra is available with the Moogs new iconic 16-fret electric guitar style lead machine with Ash/Birch wood top, called the Massive. 3d9ccd7d82


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