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Spring Blossom

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On average, DC's cherry blossoms bloom around the last week of March into the first week of April. But it varies from year to year based on weather conditions, so it can also be a little before or after that period.

The National Park Service arborists announced their prediction on March 1. They predict that the blossoms will hit peak bloom sometime between March 22 and 25. They're pointing to cooler temperatures coming in March but also that the very warm start to the year has scrambled the regular development of the cherry buds, with them never actually reaching their winter dormancy.

The start of February brought a short, sharp cold spike again, but temperatures again climbed, making February much warmer than normal. Many early spring flowers, from fruit blossoms to daffodils to the saucer magnolias to the cherry blossom indicator tree, started blooming early.

The day the cherry blossoms reach peak bloom is not, of course, the only day you can see the flowers. At a minimum, you can expect a beautiful sight for at least a few days before the peak bloom date and at least a few days after. Sometimes they can be out for a couple of weeks.

If you're too early for the main cherry blossoms, your timing might be good for saucer magnolias. There's a particularly beautiful collection of them in the garden behind the Smithsonian Castle, but there are plenty of others scattered around the city, including a small grove at the George Mason Memorial next to the Tidal Basin. Another good spot for them is Rawlins Park in Foggy Bottom (across the other side of the National Mall).

And if you're too late for the Yoshino peak bloom by two or three weeks, you might be in luck with a different variety that is also very pretty: the Kwanzan cherry blossoms. Tulips are another spring highlight around the area, and you can find them at a number of places around the National Mall as well as further afield.

The peak bloom date is the day on which the NPS horticulturists judge that 70 percent of the Yoshino blossoms are out. There are a number of different varieties of cherry trees around and near the Tidal Basin, but the Yoshino variety is by far the most numerous and famous.

Our Spring Blossom honey comes from the nectar of blooming spring plants in Indiana and Michigan. This includes trees such as apple, maple, tulip poplar, basswood and black locust, and plants such as dandelions, clover and honeysuckle. This honey is light and mild and good for those with springtime allergies.Images of spring flowering trees.

Spring (April-May)Once the snow melts, springtime in Connecticut quickly takes hold, rewarding us with colorful gardens, open fields, flowering trees and wonderful spring festivals. In April and May, the cherry blossoms, tulips, daffodils and dogwoods come into bloom. Here are a few of the biggest and best viewing opportunities, as well as some suggestions for other places in Connecticut also beginning to bloom.

One of the most beautiful of Connecticut's many flowering trees is our cherry blossom tree. But mark your calendars, as they only bloom for about a week or two, usually in April. Lining New Haven's historic Wooster Square, these harbingers of spring are a stunning sight.

Looking for a thoughtful and delicious way to show your appreciation This tower of spring treats is overflowing with juicy fruit and delectable snacks. This Spring Blossom Tower has everything from crisp apples and juicy pears to indulgent chocolate-covered cherries, making it a wonderful surprise for your mom to open and enjoy.

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