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Age Of Empires 2 Cd Crack 1024 ##BEST##

//document.domain = "";function login_form(d) var login_url = ' ';if (d != null) login_url = login_url + 'r=' + escape(d);,'hglogin','height=300,width=400,location=false,menubar=false,resizable=false,scrollbars=false,status=false,toolbar=false');function logout(d) var logout_url = ' ';if (d != null) logout_url = logout_url + 'r=' + escape(d);,'hglogout','height=200,width=400,location=false,menubar=false,resizable=false,scrollbars=false,status=false,toolbar=false');function submit_file() login_form(" -php/submit.php1675860777");function get_file(fileid,s) window.location=" -php/getfile.phpid="+fileid+"&s="+s+"&r="+escape(document.location);function submit_comment(fileid) login_form(" -php/comment.phpid="+fileid+"&1675860777");function edit_comment(cid) login_form(" -php/comment.phpid="+cid+"&1675860777");initFavorites(2368,null)Downloads Home Mods 1280x1024 Resolution 1280x1024 ResolutionAuthorFile DescriptionphosphurxPosted on 07/23/11 @ 08:28 AMBe sure to backup the relevent Aoe files.I'm not responsible for any damages. etc.The Empiresx_res.exe and language.dll go into your "age of empires" folder, and the interfac.drs go in your "age of empires\data2" folder, in it is an unfinished Resolution Change (although the changes left are just image scaling, but this means uploading both interfac.drs, which are massive, or making a patcher :( )this empiresx_res.exe also contains a pop limit of 1024,and run empiresx_res.exe instead of empiresx.exe. this was done on the 1.0c patched AOE/ROR found in the patches section on this you will most likly need to have installed that.Pages: [1] 2 Last AuthorComments & Reviews ( All Comments Only Reviews Only )CyrixPosted on 05/17/12 @ 01:32 AMBeen looking for something like this. Works great, interface isn't an eyesore either.MegaltariakPosted on 06/04/12 @ 03:21 PMRating5.0Rating: 5Great work, the menu is a bit messed up but perfectly usable, in game it works and looks perfect :)I'm surprised that nobody has done this before.Additional Comments:While this is a major improvement over 1024*768, that is still not the native resolution of many people, I have absolutely no experience with these kind of mod but I guess that the main difficulty is to figure which offsets must be edited in order to make this work. Once you have found them it should be rather trivial to support other resolutions (correct me if I'm wrong)So can you explain a bit how you have modified the executable I totally understand that you don't want/don't have the time to make a easy to use patcher for this but providing some instructions would be really nice :)I will try to compare the original exe to yours to see if I can figure it out but I don't guarantee anything because I have no experience with this kind of things.chabPosted on 08/27/12 @ 03:54 PMThis is just incredible, how did you manage to do that How did you manage to know to modify (where... and what !) EMPIRESX.EXE Do you have some special tool or information to be able to do such improvement to the executable file I'd like to do the same modification to 1.0b version (so that saving/loading games will work !)... And other change of my own, if I could !You must have very precious" knowledge for modders, that would be great to share it :-DOnce again, congrats for this impressive work.chabPosted on 09/12/12 @ 04:54 PMI managed to do some important changes in 1.0b version of empiresx.exe (edit default personnality, generate debug file...)I'm trying to merge your work on 1280*1024 resolution to the 1.0b version of empiresx.exe but it's crashing again and again, I really need help on this !If you have any information to provide, phosphurx (or anyone else) you'll be most welcome !EDIT : I uploaded the missing file is aoe (leave the username field empty)Unzip the file, rename it to interfac.drs and put it in da


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