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envi uses the esri arcgis platform as its backend. esri arcgis is used for file management, raster and vector editing, and analysis. users who have previous arcgis experience can work with envi data using the arcgis program. the envi interface is intuitive and makes it easy to modify the settings in envi as needed. the user can use envi to create, modify, and view a wide variety of raster and vector data formats. envi includes an extensive library of functions for the raster data. these functions are used for creating maps, creating digital elevation models (dems), editing tiles, and importing and exporting data. an overview of the functions is available in the help menu.

envi-met is a powerful, free and open-source software system for the analysis and visualization of multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing imagery. using envi-met, users can analyze remote sensing data quickly and easily, and visually present their findings in interactive 3d maps and graphs. by default envi-met will integrate into your workstation, making it easy to use during the analysis process. you can also easily share data with others on the web. envi-met comes with a powerful set of modules for support of a wide range of operational applications. these include advanced tools for generating orthorectified aerial photographs, detecting objects in imagery, identifying and measuring features, and mapping, classifying and extracting information from the data.

note: the activate.exeutility will be installed in install_direnvixxidlxxlicense_utilsbin.x86_64 with read and execute privileges for all users. this means that after initial license activation, any user with access to activate.execan modify the license availability for that product installation. if the product is installed to a public directory on a computer, product administrators can choose to restrict execute privileges on the activate.exefile to prevent unauthorized use. for information on modifying file privileges, refer to your windows system documentation, or contact a windows system expert. 3d9ccd7d82


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