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Active Boot Disk V15.0.6 Full ((FREE)) ISO Version [Latest]


Symptoms: This issue can manifest in the following ways: - Startup of BIG-IP v9.6.x to v15.0.6 from an offline configuration (if starting a BIG-IP from an Active Boot Disk, the BIG-IP may hang). - Startup of BIG-IP v9.6.x to v15.0.6 from a new configuration backup file. In both cases, BIG-IP will exit with a message similar to the following example is displayed: httpd: startup failed /bin/sh: /bin/rm: Argument list too long Fatal: executing: /bin/sh -c rm -fr /var/named/config/namedb/* Operation aborted. Workaround: Ensure that: /etc/f5/port/load-config.conf has the proper value for the 'new_partition' property.

Deploy a device service to a TP2 profile system in a cluster so that all instances will have their traffic-matching-criteria ports correctly configured and set to CAC Authentication (Common Access Card), Personal Identity Verification (PIV), or other strong authentication method. Once systems have been fully configured, perform a full-sync and then alter a traffic-matching-criteria object's port configuration. On the system where the object's port configuration was modified, perform a ConfigSync, which fails with an error similar to: 01071754:1: Configuration load failed. - Cannot load Customization resource /config/f5_public/eidd/cls-apm-01_act_full_cls_01_rev_02_000_001/eidd/cls-apm-01_act_full_cls_01_rev_02_000_001. The problem cannot be reproduced, and subsequent ConfigSyncs succeed.

The behavior of this version is the same as previous versions. The boot-up configuration will no longer be able to load after loading the new configuration. In addition, iRules configurations are not yet supported. 3d9ccd7d82


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