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Because they are designed to fit underneath other beds, trundle beds do not have box springs. In fact, they can often only accommodate mattresses that are thinner than standard (usually only as thick as six inches.) In lieu of box springs, most trundle beds will instead use slats to support your mattress.

The trundle rolls out on hidden casters and seamlessly blends in with the rest of the daybed when the drawer is closed. You can use any twin size mattress up to 7 inches thick inside the trundle, and similar dimensions are needed for the top surface. A solid wooden frame makes the daybed sturdier and more durable than competing trundle beds with frames made of materials like plastic or particle board. The upholstery fabric is also fairly resistant to wear and tear. You can choose from three colors for the fabric: dark grey, light grey, and beige.

Trundle beds have a two-in-one design that allows users to place an extra bed in their home without taking up extra space. The trundle may be sold individually, or it may come already nested within the standard bed.

Different styles of trundle beds are designed to meet different needs. A trundle drawer disappears beneath the bed in a closed compartment, while a captain bed has integrated drawers as well as the trundle bed. A daybed has three raised sides in the style of a couch, while a trundle bunk bed carries two or more bunks on top of the trundle. Trundle-only models can be paired with a regular bed, and pop up trundles have a collapsible metal frame for easier storage.

With such a wide range of trundle bed models on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. To best understand what type of trundle bed might be the best fit for you, it helps to consider factors like your preferred trundle size, your budget, the type of materials, the color and design options, and how you intend to use the trundle.

MovementThe best sliding mechanism for your trundle bed largely depends on the type of floor that your trundle bed will be placed on. Hardwood is smoother and more conducive to sliding, but you may need to utilize wheel locks to help secure the trundle in place. Rails may be a good option for a hardwood floor. For carpeted floors, look for a trundle bed with bigger wheels. A free floating trundle is generally suitable for all types of floors, though users should take care not to scratch their floors when pulling out the mattress.

Pop Up vs. Drawer StyleWhereas drawer style trundle beds remain lower to the ground, pop up trundles are designed to be raised to the same height as a normal bed when in use. Pop up trundles may be sold on their own, making them an inexpensive alternative for homes that already have a taller bed with enough clearance to fit a trundle. While many pop up trundles are lightweight and easy to maneuver, they may not be able to hold as much weight.

A drawer style trundle tends to be sturdier and is typically considered more aesthetically pleasing than the pop up style. However, drawer style trundles are more prone to wear and tear on the wheels, and they may offer more limitations as to where you can set up the trundle bed.

PriceThe cost of a trundle bed depends on its style and the quality of its materials. Wooden trundle beds tend to be the most expensive, but they tend to offer a sturdy build and a stylish aesthetic. Metal frames are usually less costly and may be easier to move, but they may be prone to noise. Plastic, synthetic, and particle board trundle beds are more affordable, but less durable.

This practical trundle makes the Oeuf Sparrow twin bed twice as useful! With the mattress (sold separately) the trundle makes an additional bed, ideal for sleepovers. Without the mattress, the trundle can be used to store clothes, sheets and blankets. Hidden wheels make the trundle stylish as well as easy to use.

The River Bed Trundle is made especially for sleepovers, and doubles as extra storage under the bed for blankets and clothes when friends aren't around. With the mattress (sold separately) the trundle makes an additional bed. Pairs only with the River Beds.

A trundle bed is a low bed on wheels that can be wheeled out from under another bed. This can be a very efficient way of adding another bed to your bedroom without taking up from your daily living space. Use it on a regular basis or have it as an extra to be able to accommodate friends and extra guest. All Camaflexi trundle beds are twin size and can be added to almost any other bed. When a trundle bed can be added to a bed on our website, you will see the option to add a trundle bed.

Trundle frames are only a few inches off the ground and have no railings or headboards. However, for aesthetic purposes, some frames come with a raised boundary along one side that conceals the mattress while the trundle is in its under-bed storage position.

Trundles are also useful in master bedrooms as a sleeping space for a kiddo who comes barging in after a nightmare. You might even use a master bedroom trundle bed for a pet. Or, the master bedroom might provide storage space for a guest bed trundle, which can then be moved into a separate room when guests are visiting.

The most common mattress types are innerspring, foam, hybrid (coil core plus foam) and latex. When shopping for a thin mattress that you can use for a trundle bed, most of your options will be all-foam varieties.

The Bear Trundle, Helix Kids, and Dreamfoam Essential mattresses offer three high-quality mattress options for a trundle bed. For many shoppers, picking the right mattress will come down to a question of dimensions. How much mattress can you fit underneath the main bed

The trundle bed, an additional pullout bed frame compatible with both the Cabina Daybed and Cabina Bunk Bed, is the perfect solution for occasional overnight guests or expanding sleeping capacity in tight quarters. Cabina trundle pullout bed frame has a near continuous mattress support instead of traditional slats.

Make the most of your space with this twin over twin bunk bed and trundle bed set. Made out of solid pine wood, the top bunk has wrap-around safety guardrails and can be accessed from a sturdy ladder. The trundle can be used as an extra bed or a large storage drawer. Safe and suitable for more than just children, this bunkbed and trundle set is a great addition to vacation homes, family cabins, or cozy guest rooms. Each bed holds up to 250 lbs. The bunk bed can be set up separately as two twin beds.

Trundle beds are ideal for sleeping an extra one to two people. A trundle bed features one main bed and bedframe with a drawer you can slide out. This drawer can fit a twin or full size mattress. When not needed for sleeping, simply slide the drawer away to allow for more space in your bedroom.

A trundle bed is designed to provide additional sleeping space without necessitating the purchase of another bed and bedframe. The drawer and bed combination that trundle beds offer allows you to maximize space and stick to your budget.

There are two main styles of trundle beds. A drawer trundle is pulled out and stays in its original low-profile setup. This bed cannot be raised to match the height of the main bed. Pop-up trundle beds still slide in and out of a drawer.

A trundle bed frame can be wooden or metal. Wooden frames are more expensive than metal ones. Metal frames tend to be more durable and can hold more weight. Pairing the frame with one of the best mattresses under $1000 can ensure a comfortable sleep experience without overspending.

Taller or larger individuals can sleep on a trundle bed if you decide to go with a split king mattress. These sleepers may feel too cramped to sleep on a twin or full size trundle bed. Furthermore, these beds may not have a high enough weight capacity to hold these individuals safely. Taller lightweight sleepers may be able to sleep on a full or split king mattress.

Daybeds are similar to sofa beds since they are designed to function as couches and beds. They often feature backrests and armrests, with a cavity for a full or twin size mattress. Daybeds may come with a trundle bed, but not all daybeds double as trundle beds.

Air mattresses can be used both on their own and inside of a trundle bed. If you need to sleep taller or heavier sleepers, consider purchasing a large air mattress. You can set up an air mattress on a guest room floor or in your living room. As previously mentioned, air mattresses are budget-friendly, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

Trundle daybeds are an option for those who want to sleep two people. The nice thing about a trundle daybed is it also can be used as a couch or sofa when not being used. All trundle beds are cheaper and take up less space than a traditional bed with a bed frame and foundation.

You can purchase a trundle bed from your local mattress store, furniture retailer, or department store. Shopping online retailers like Amazon is also a viable option. Trundle beds are popular and widely available wherever mattresses are sold.

You cannot just add a trundle to any bed. Trundle beds require a decent amount of vertical space between the original or main bed and the floor. Before investing in a trundle bed, make sure you have at least 16 inches of space under your bed to fit a trundle bed and its mattress.

Trundle beds are a lower cost and space-saving option for hosting overnight visitors. You cannot raise this bed to match the height of the main bed. Pop-up trundle beds can be raised to match the height of a traditional bed. Most trundle beds have a 250-pound weight limit and need a 10-inch mattress or thinner.

This type of bed has extra sleeping space for one to two people. The best mattresses to pair with trundle beds are latex, hybrid, and air mattresses. A trundle bed may not be the perfect fit for taller or larger sleepers. For these sleepers, consider investing in a futon, sofa bed, or murphy bed. These beds offer more space and a higher weight capacity. 59ce067264


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