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AXXTUREL - THEY KNOW (Official Music Video)


AXXTUREL - THEY KNOW (Official Music Video)

Luci4, also known by the nom de rap Axxturel, has had a bigger year than almost every other underground rapper. He scored four TikTok hits in 2021 (including one that spawned a visually thrilling TikTok dance called \u201Cglitching\u201D that I covered for Insider) and he\u2019s inspired a wave of copycats imitating his malevolent beats, doomsday vocals and occult aesthetic. The Atlantic signee has invented an entire dialect of demented rap music. He\u2019s made ASMR horrorcore and chopped up the \u201CiCarly\u201D theme into a serrated beat. While perhaps his GOAT tracks (\u201CBodyPartz,\u201D \u201CAll Eyez on Me,\u201D \u201CAve Domina Lilith,\u201D \u201C2 Steppin on Necks,\u201D and \u201CJimmy Choo\u201D) came out last year or earlier, he\u2019s released a number of mind-bending tunes this Earth rotation, notably \u201Cdying in xxtyle\u201D and \u201CDead n Gone.\u201D 59ce067264


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