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Where Can I Buy Fairlife Milk


Where Can I Buy Fairlife Milk

Our resealable and portable bottles make Core Power a quick, convenient, no-cleanup protein shake that delivers great taste and quality nutrients. Try Core Power Elite Chocolate and support your health and workout journey with the goodness of fairlife ultra-filtered milk!

You may submit a Claim Form to receive 25% of the average retail purchase price, up to $100, for your purchases of fairlife Milk Products and FOF Milk Products, if the products were purchased for personal use and not for resale, and were purchased on or before April 27, 2022. Claim Forms submitted without Valid Proof of Purchase will be capped at a Cash Award of up to $20 and Claim Forms submitted with Valid Proof of Purchase will be capped at a Cash Award of up to $80, subject to certain adjustments (upward and downward) depending on the number of claims submitted.

As the larger dairy milk category has struggled, premium offerings have largely been a promising growth story. It's a major reason why Coca-Cola acquired the remainder of Fairlife. Other premium brands, including A2, have been a hit with consumers. One exception is Chobani, which last week said it was ending the production of its Chobani Ultra-Filtered Milk, which launched in February.

Between organic, grass-fed, and lactose-free, is ultra-filtered milk really that different from the other varieties, or did the dairy industry invent it just to confuse us even more Let's take a look at what it is, its benefits, who should drink it, and some of the best products to buy.

Ultra-filtered milk is made from dairy milk. It comes from a cow, and provides natural vitamins, minerals, protein, and sugars just like whichever dairy milk you are currently splashing over your cereal every morning. But, the quantities of some nutrients differ.

Ultra-filtered milk is basically your old-school milk that is passed under pressure through a thin membrane. This separates, or filters, the water and lactose (sugar) from the other components of the milk.

The processors are essentially removing some of the natural water and sugar. What is left behind is lactose-free milk that has more protein, more calcium, and less sugar. Many agree that the taste is more creamy and rich when compared to regular milk.

Ultra-filtered milk is found in a variety of products, including beverages, post-workout shakes, and even healthy ice creams. Keep in mind that some products that are made with ultra-filtered milk as an ingredient use artificial sweeteners like acesulfame potassium to help keep the sugar content of the product low. If you're avoiding artificial ingredients, make sure to check product labels.

Fairlife milk has a complete line of ultra-filtered milk products that includes creamers, protein shakes, and milk with added DHA. One unique product that can be a lifesaver for busy days is Fairlife Smart Snacks. With 15 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 40 percent of the recommended daily intake of calcium, these drinkable snacks are a simple and convenient way to sneak in some additional nutrients without loading your body up with too much sugar.

Slate is on a mission to give chocolate milk a clean slate. Chocolate milk has a reputation of being too high in sugar and being a kid's drink. Chocolate milk-lovers can rejoice, because there is an adult-friendly option now that is lower in sugar, delivered in a sleek aluminum can, and comes in varieties you won't find in the school cafeteria. (Think: espresso-chocolate milk.) They do not have to be refrigerated and are shelf-stable for up to one year, making them super-convenient to toss in your work bag the night before a workday.

Organic Valley makes four varieties of ultra-filtered milk: skim, 2 percent, whole, and chocolate. They sweeten the chocolate variety with organic cane sugar and organic monk fruit, so you don't have to worry about finding anything artificial in there.