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Siddhargal Varalaru In Tamil Pdf 44l

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Siddhargal Varalaru In Tamil Pdf 44l

this work, therefore, provides a significant source of information about the history of medical practices in south india in the pre- and post-independence era. the colonial period was marked by a number of developments. one of these was the emergence of the concept of siddha medicine in the colonial period itself. as noted above, south indian traditional medicine had almost no formal organisation or codification in the colonial period. the concept of siddha medicine appeared in the tamil literature only in the post-independence era. the concept was reflected in the fact that certain natural plants, minerals, and animal substances were recognised as medicine or as agents capable of producing healing effects when used according to certain prescribed methods. 40

the first part of the research report explores the siddhars and the medical tradition they represented in south india, mainly focusing on the siddha tradition of tamil nadu. the report analyzes the medical narratives of the siddhars, the reasons why their views on medical issues gained more popularity than those of their predecessors and what this means for the future of the siddha tradition.

siddhargal is a name in the siddhars literature of tamil nadu and karnataka. it is mentioned in the tamil siddha text tirumantiram, a collection of the sayings and techniques of tamil siddha physicians. the text, compiled by the siddha physician tirumular, who himself was a follower of the kaivetti tradition, is said to have been compiled in the sixth century ce. the text was recited and its techniques practiced for many centuries by siddha practitioners (amperiyar), whose family lineages are preserved by the practice of maintaining the records of the siddha tradition. tirumular's work is especially popular in tamil nadu and kerala. 32 siddha medicine is a tradition located within the larger tamil medical system and its practice, often called kaivettiyar (literally, "kaivetti doctor"), is said to have been in existence since the early first millennium ce. 33 its source material includes both written and oral literature. 34 as the tirumantiram is a compilation of the oral traditions of the kaivetti, it is an important source for the history of these traditions. 35 3d9ccd7d82


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