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Mirai Nikki Episode 9

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Mirai Nikki Episode 9

Eternia- Maybe they are related to Fate/Zero or something. XD So much honor and what not! But yes Hinata agreeing to the most random coin toss ever was weird. Just call the dogs to kill EVERYONE in the room and while Yuno is busy trying to protect Yuki get Akise and his "diary". Mao should have been a better friend and given Hinata better advice.Anonymous- No problem. Heaven knows that there are some animes I don't really enjoy but many people love. This series is going to be longer than 12 episodes. Somewhere around the 24 mark. Apparently further in the manga Yuno starts acting insane. Like people who read the manga are laughing at us anime watchers for calling Yuno crazy NOW. More crazy is yet to come and I will blog it all if you rather just read about it than watch it.

Definitely Deus is plotting against Yukiteru xD. Deus didn't inform Yukiteru he was in a survival game to start with, so it is as you said in your first post of this anime Christina, "Deus hates Yukiteru yes".Anyway, I think I am starting to eh... realize the many fails this anime has, although I saw at animenewsnetwork this show is going to be around 24 episodes or so, I hope it doesn't go that far.By the way, maybe this Akise guy is going to be the love rival of Yuno xD.

This whole anime is making me laugh. When I read the manga...however long ago it was...I actually thought it was good. After watching a couple of episodes of this, I decided to re-read the manga for a couple of chapters...what the hell was I one when I thought this was good The plot is way too quick paced, for starters. In 9 episodes, we've already had...I don't know, I've lost many characters killed. Like, that in itself isn't bad, but when all of them are by the same characters it just makes me groan. It's like Numbers 3-12 are all queueing up to kill Yukii and Yuno and when the next one dies, they then get a turn. Secondly, the characters annoy the crap out of me. Yukii is just a whiny, pathetic, crying, weak excuse for a guy. Okay, when his life is endangered, I can understand, but when he sees Yuno; he cries. When someone knows his name; he cries. When he cuts onions; he doesn't cry. But, the 50/50 bet was all he could do. That's the only sense of logic in this show; with them having Yukii's diary, they would have predicted any outcome, so they had to falsify that data. But, that's excusing calling the dogs in, or having the dogs attack the windows one at a bloody time, or Yukii being absent from the meeting, or Arise and Kousaka (I don't care for this guy's name) not noticing Yuno running in completely the opposite direction from them at the very start of their diversion, or Yukii revealing that his mobile phone can predict the future without a care in the world despite Yuno saying that they shouldn't use - let alone tell people about - their diaries...It's just so bad it's funny.

The anime is produced by Studio Asread, directed by Naoto Hosoda, the script is written by Katsuhiko Takayama, character designs are by Hidetsugu Hirayama and art direction is by Toshiyuki Tokuda. The anime aired from October 10, 2011 to April 16, 2012 on Chiba TV and TV Saitama.[1] The series is licensed by Funimation in North America and Kaze UK in the United Kingdom. An original video animation (OVA) based on the spin-off manga, Future Diary: Redial, was streamed on Niconico on June 19, 2013, and released on DVD with the manga volume in July 2013. The first opening and ending theme songs are "Kūsō Mesorogī" (空想メソロギヰ, "Fantasy Mythology") by Yousei Teikoku and "Blood-teller" by Faylan, respectively, which aired from episode 1 to 14. From episode 15, the second opening and ending theme songs are "Dead End" by Faylan and "Filament" by Yousei Teikoku, respectively. For the ninth volume of the BD/DVD release and the Redial OVA, the opening theme is "Kyouki Chinden" (狂気沈殿, Madness Precipitation) by Teikoku whilst the ending theme is "Happy End" by Faylan.

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