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Hotel Transylvania 3d 720p Vs 96012

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derek drymon: so after doing hotel transylvania 2, which was a very successful movie for us as well, and then seeing the kids in hotel transylvania 2, we felt like we had the chance to do something different. and for us, it was just a fun genre that we just wanted to have a go at, which is the horror genre. and its a genre that i had not really been a part of before that. so i just wanted to do something a little different.

the film follows the same basic plot as the previous two films, but with a few changes: namely, that jonathan enters a room that is protected by a magical force field, meaning that he cannot leave unless the field is destroyed. dracula also adds a few new monsters to the mix, including the world's largest and strongest mummy, griffin, a pre-historic cannibal known as the predator, and a flying, human-eating bat known as the vampire. the film is set in a hotel where dracula's closest friends, including the werewolf wayne, are being held captive.

the film is written and directed by genndy tartakovsky, who co-created the animated tv series samurai jack and the feature film cloudy with a chance of meatballs. the film also stars andy samberg, selena gomez, david spade, steve buscemi, kathryn hahn, jim gaffigan, molly shannon, fran drescher, keegan-michael key, and many more. the film also includes characters voiced by brad abrell, brian hull, and kevin james. you can watch the first trailer for hotel transylvania 3d above.

ever since hotel transylvania, we've been wondering when sandler would make another movie as the flamboyant dracula. turns out, it's going to be in front of a 3d camera for the first time in the series' history. and, as the first chapter in sony's new 3d animated universe, transformania isn't just a jump forward from the classic dracula flicks, it's also a peek into sandler's mind as he works on his new movie, pixels, which he's attached to direct. sandler co-wrote the screenplay with joel h. cohen. 3d9ccd7d82


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