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netop school is the world's most comprehensive teaching solution for the networked classroom. with netop school you can instruct each student individually, yet simultaneously, whether they are in the same room or across the globe. this application will prove to be an economical and effective solution for instructing all computer literate students.

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the implementation details that will be presented in this article are very basic. the author has not even started to explore the possibilities that a detailed integration of its own style has. the focus has been to illustrate how this application can be used as a multi user, individual writing environment.

ever since its very beginning, this application has allowed a basic configuration of independent writers. the typical use was at most one user per computer. if you had two pcs at home, you were already seeing a limit on how much information you could manage in one environment. even today, in the multitude of applications developed over the past years, this limitation is still valid. in this article, however, we want to indicate some possibilities to increase the flexibility of this application even more.

the first page of the interface, which you reach after a keystroke, contains a property page. this page contains all the information that defines the configuration of this application. all available options can be deactivated if this page is not shown to the user. 3d9ccd7d82


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